BUSINESS LOUNGE ビジネスラウンジ│Nタワー│品川プリンスホテル

品川プリンスホテル Nタワー


A flexible communication space for business meetings
outside the office,
personal business needs, relaxation, and more.
Available free of charge for guests staying in N Tower.

Hours of operation
Weekdays             6:30A.M.~10:00P.M. Always open
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays   7:00A.M.~10:00P.M. Always open
Eligible Users & Fees
■ Guests staying in N Tower: 4 hours free of charge (500 yen/hr. thereafter)
*No limit to the number of times of use during your stay.
*No limit to the number of times of use during the business lounge's
 hours of operation on your check-in and check-out days.
 Please present the receipt from your room stay at the reception desk.

■ Visitors accompanying guests staying in N Tower: 1,000 yen/hr.
*Limited to 5 individuals accompanying each guest staying in N Tower.
*Entry is not permitted unless accompanied by a guest staying in N Tower.
Additional information
■ Please move to the elevator area or other designated areas when using a mobile phone.
■ All floors are non-smoking.
■ Please refrain from bringing in outside food or beverages.

Types of Seats

  • Sofa Area ソファーエリア
    Sofa Area
    Sofa seats for relaxing
  • Concentrate Booth 集中ブース
    Concentrate Booth
    Work booths for focused
    work tasks
  • Relaxation Booth リラクゼーションシート
    Relaxation Booth
    Relaxation seats with leg support and
    recline settings
  • Center Table センターテーブル
    Center Table
    Center tables for discussions and tasks
    requiring extra space
  • Communication Area コミュニケーションエリア
    Communication Area
    Meeting and business discussion
Number of seats
General seats: 77
Meeting Room:: 3 rooms  User Agreement for meeting rooms


17th floor layout 17階レイアウト図

  • ①Sofa seats (17 seats)
  • ②Center tables (12 seats)
  • ③Communication area (30 seats)
  • ④Relaxation booths (3 seats)
  • ⑤Work booths (8 seats)
  • ⑥Private work booths (3 seats)
  • ⑦Coin-operated PC counter
     (2 seats)
  • ⑧Meeting Room N1
  • ⑨Meeting Room N2
  • ⑩Meeting Room N3


N's MORNING N'sモーニング

N Tower presents active business people
with an all new way to experience the morning.

Equipment available

  • free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi無料

    Take care of those final adjustments to your business
    documents immediately after arrival (free Wi-Fi).

  • Print プリント

    Print out necessary documents on site.

  • interior インテリア

    Specially designed creative interior, with books,
    magazines, and more to stimulate innovative ideas.

    ■With all seats outlet
    ■Changing rooms etc.

  • drinks ドリンク

    More than 12 types of free beverages, including
    soft drinks and coffee, which can be taken back to your room free of charge.

Your business changes with access to a Epson printer.

■ Revise documents, etc. with the app for your smartphone or tablet --> use the app's "send" function to send the docs to the printer's address --> print and you're done.
All you have to do is a send a message, so printing can be handled wherever you are.

■ During your business trip, print out those last minute additional documents from the business lounge after arriving in


Equipment available
■ Multi-function office printer (printer, copier, scanner, fax)
■ Books (business, travel, sports, and other books, plus magazines and newspapers)
Services available
  • Soft drinks (self service; free of charge)
    Soft drinks, coffee, café au lait, cappuccino, black tea, green tea, etc.
  • All seats have power outlets (free of charge)
  • Coat check service can hold luggage
    before check-in or after check-out.
  • Convenient Wi-Fi access
    High-speed, high-security, 24-hour support system
    *Each room also has Internet access.
  • Changing room (1 room; for males and females)
  • Multi-function office printer (printer, copier, scanner, fax) free of charge.
  • Library access also available.


Special pricing is available
exclusively for Seibu Prince
Club members.

Registered members receive premium
rates on Prince Hotel room plans.