GUEST ROOM 客室│Nタワー│品川プリンスホテル

品川プリンスホテル Nタワー


257 rooms specially designed with business functionality,
comfort, and security sufficient to serve as your second office space.
Color schemes differ from floor to floor so that each time you stay,
you will be able to experience a fresh new environment.

1. Robust security with contactless card keys

■ Elevators to each floor use a contactless card key system that allows them to only stop at your designated floor.
■ Floors 4 and 5 have both meeting rooms and guest rooms. Separate entrances have been designed so that only visitors
 with card keys can use the entrance for the guest room area.
 These privacy features help you enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

  • 【Large Twin】【ラージツイン】

    【Large Twin】

  • 【Corner Twin】【コーナーツイン】

    【Corner Twin】

  • 【Twin】Compact twin rooms are furnished with desks and sofas.【ツイン】デスクとソファを備えたコンパクトなツインルーム

    Compact twin rooms are furnished with desks and sofas.

  • 【Semi Double (wood flooring)】【セミダブル(フローリング)】

    【Semi Double (wood flooring)】

  • 【Semi double rooms】Furnished with wide, comfortable desks that face toward a window. 【セミダブル】出窓に面したワイドで快適なデスク周り

    【Semi double rooms】
    Furnished with wide, comfortable desks that face toward a window.

Room TypeFeesFloor space (m2)Bed size
(width x length x height in cm)
Desk size
(width x length in cm)
Large Twin¥41,58033.0110×200×50290×50Separate bathroom
and toilet
Corner Twin¥29,70019.097×195×50240×42Equipped with a unit bath or shower stall and toilet
Twin¥28,51216.597×195×5085×50Unit bath
Semi Double
(wood flooring to let you take off your shoes and relax in comfort)
¥28,51216.5140×195×34194×50Unit bath
Semi Double¥28,51216.5154×195×50194×50Unit bath


2. Full business functionality

  • Internet & Wi-Fi free of charge
  • Mobile phone chargers
    (various models)
  • Convenient Wi-Fi access
    High-speed, high-security, 24-hour support system
    *Each room also has Internet access.
  • 6 power outlets
  • Wide desk
  • Locker

3. Prioritizing comfort

■ Complimentary bottled water in all rooms
■ All rooms have Simmons beds
■ Air purifier with humidifier setting
■ Air-cleansing wall paper with anti-odor effect
■ Wood flooring to let you take off your shoes and relax in comfort (10 rooms)
■ All rooms are non-smoking
■ A trouser press can be checked out on each floor.

Amenities available (Lobby)

  • Automatic adjustment machine 自動精算機

    Check-in and check-out quickly and efficiently using electronic kiosks.

  • Lockers ロッカー

    Lockers are available free of charge before check-in or after check-out. After arrival, leave your cumbersome luggage and lighten your load when making business calls. [Locker size: W 306 × D 575 × H 774 mm]

  • The service corner サービスコーナー

    The service corner, open 24 hours, has a coin laundry, ice machine, microwave oven, and more.

  • *Available only to guests staying in N Tower.


Special pricing is available
exclusively for Seibu Prince
Club members.

Registered members receive premium
rates on Prince Hotel room plans.