Hakone-en Resort Complex

Prince Grand Resort Hakone. Hakone-en has plenty to see, lots to eat, and much for you to enjoy.
It offers a variety of ways to enjoy yourself through recreation, dining, shopping and more, all while taking in Hakone's natural beauty. Whether with your family or as part of a group, this perfect getaway will keep you having fun all day round.


An aquarium in the forest



Walk through the skies above Lake Ashinoko



Hakone Mototsumiya - Shrine in the Sky



Ride a motorboat across the waters!


Sites to See

An aquarium built in the forest for the whole family to enjoy.

At 723m above sea level, this aquarium and its large seawater tank stand higher above sea level than any other in Japan.
The saltwater and freshwater fish, adorable Baikal seals, and penguins are awaiting your visit!
Operating Hours
9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.(Entrance ends 30 minutes before close)
※Business hours may change depending on the season.
Admission (incl. tax)
Adults: ¥1,500,Children (Age 4 - Elementary School Students) ¥750
  • Baikal Seal Show

    Baikal Seal Show

    Get an up-close look at these seals and see the adorable ways they act and swim about.

    Sat/Sun/Holidays (Golden Week / Summer Holiday / Year End & New Years)
  • Underwater Show

    Underwater Show

    Watch as the divers head underwater to feed the fish. Be sure to watch as the fish gobble up their meals.

    Weekdays 1:45P.M.~
    Sat/Sun/Holidays (Golden Week / Summer Holiday / Year End & New Years)
  • Handshaking Asian Small-Clawed Otter

    Handshaking Asian Small-Clawed Otter

    Shake hands with an adorable Asian small-clawed otter.

    Fee: ¥500 /person ※Limited admission
    Time: Varies by season. Please inquire for more details.

Hakone Komagatake Ropeway

Offering breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashinoko. Care to take a stroll through the skies?
This ropeway runs 1,800m, traveling from Hakone-en Station on the shore of Lake Ashinoko to the Hakone Komagatake Summit Station at the top of the mountain in 7 minutes. From the summit you can see the magnificent Mt. Fuji to the north, as well as look out in the distance for a panoramic view of Suruga Bay and the Izu Peninsula, the Shonan coast, and the Boso Peninsula.
Operating Hours
Start: 9:00 A.M. (UP)
 Last: 4:30 P.M. (UP), 4:50 P.M. (DOWN)
Price (Round Trip)
Adults: ¥1,800,Children (Elementary School) ¥900

A mystical, breath-taking world ・・・
Spiritual Spot in the Sky - Hakone Mototsumiya Shrine

Monthly festivals on the 1st and 24th of each month,Gojinkasai Fire Festival - October 24th

Mt. Komagatake Summit Stargazing

Take a nice long look at the stars in the clear skies atop Mt. Komagatake!

※Please inquire about dates and further details.

Lake Ashinoko Sightseeing Boat

Lake Ashinoko Sightseeing Boat

Travels around Lake Ashinoko, from Moto Hakone to Kojiri.

Fare (Round Trip)
Adults: ¥1,480 Children (Elementary School) ¥740
1. Hakone-en ⇔ Kojiri 2. Hakone-en ⇔ Hakone-sekisho-ato / Motohakone


  • Dakkoshite (Hug me)! Petting Zoo!

    Dakkoshite (Hug me)! Petting Zoo!

    Home to ponies, capybara, cats, and dogs!

    Operating Hours 10:00A.M.~4:00P.M.
    Adults: ¥1,200 / Children (Age 4 - Elementary School Students) ¥1,000
  • Motorboats


    Enjoy the fresh air as you coast over the waters of the lake.

    Operating Hours 9:00A.M.~3:00P.M.
    Hakone-en ⇔ Hakone Kuzuryu no Mori (Round Trip)
    ¥2,000 / person
      ※Round trip motorboat price - Includes entry into Hakone Kuzuryu no Mori Park.
    1 lap around Lake Ashinoko ¥8,500 / Half-lap around Lake Ashinoko ¥5,000
  • Fuwafuwa Kids Land

    Fuwafuwa Kids Land

    Jump and bump and have a great time in this bouncy house!

    Operating Hours 9:00A.M.~4:00P.M.
    Price: 20 min / ¥300 ※Please check the age limit
  • Fuji Ashinoko Panorama Park

    Fuji Ashinoko Panorama Park

    An 80,000㎡ grass-covered park for you and your dog.

    Operating Hours 9:00A.M.~5:00P.M.
    Adults: ¥500
    Children ( Elementary School Students): ¥300/Dogs: ¥300
    ※May be closed without prior notice due to bad weather.


  • Pottery Painting Workshop

    Pottery Painting Workshop

    Try your hands at painting a cup or a plate! Make your own one-of-a-kind souvenir!

    Operating Hours 9:00A.M.~4:30P.M.
  • Marquetry Workshop

    Marquetry Workshop

    Purchase traditional Hakone marquetry works, experience the process, and take a look at the materials used.

    ※Groups of 10 or more can also partake in a marquetry workshop to create coasters.(Reservations required)

    Operating Hours 9:00A.M.~4:30P.M.


  • Nanakamado


    A Japanese restaurant that offers a variety of dishes along with a view of the seasonal sights of Lake Ashinoko.

    Operating Hours 11:00A.M.~3:00P.M.
  • Hakone Prince Hotel Bakery

    Hakone Prince Hotel Bakery

    Offering Prince Hotel's original bread baked and sold fresh on-site.Bring the taste of Prince Hotel to your meal, your snack, or the gifts you take home.

    Operating Hours 11:00A.M.~4:00P.M.
  • Curry & Ramen House Mugiwaraya

    Curry & Ramen House Mugiwaraya

    Specializing in curry and ramen dishes! Their Mugiwara Ramen and its large serving size is extra popular!

    Operating Hours 11:00A.M.~4:00P.M.
    ※Except when closed
  • Donburiya


    Offering peace of mind when dining with the whole family. Try one of the many rice-bowl choices on the menu.

    Operating Hours 11:00A.M.~4:00P.M.

Group Lunch (Hakone-en Hall)

Group Lunch (Hakone-en Hall)

Enjoy a refined lunch experience with special seats that look over Lake Ashinoko right from the shore. Either before or after you enjoy your lunch,be sure to spend your time riding the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway, visiting the Hakone-en Aquarium, or shopping at the various stores.

View the menu here


  • Hakone-en Shopping Plaza

    Hakone-en Shopping Plaza

    Hakone-en offers plenty of shops to excite and surprise you! Be sure to drop in to make extra memories during your trip.

    Operating Hours 9:00A.M.~4:30P.M.
    1F Sweets & Local Brand Shops
    2F Duty-free Shop, Nursing Room
  • Local Specialty Section

    Local Specialty Section

    Health foods, tea, snacks, dried foods, kamaboko fish cakes, pickles and more local specialties made from nature's bounty.

    Operating Hours 11:00A.M.~4:30P.M.