The Supreme Run
—No one experiences
but you.


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Magnificent views await -Prince Hotels Magnificent views await -Prince Hotels

Do you have an unforgettable run ?
We offer an experience you
will never forget.


The Run
of Your Life!

A no-compromise 2000 m long course with snow quality that leaves skiers
from around the world in envy that you—you alone—get to leave fresh tracks on.
What could be better than that?

Feel the excitement building
in the crisp dawn air.

The sun rises,
on the snowy
expanse of the run.

The perfect
snow beckons.

Are you ready for this?
Then, Go!


Five Unique

  • Twinkling Stars Give Way to Daybreak

    Before the sun rises, a specially prepared snow groomer takes you to the top of the mountain for an experience that cannot be had in a gondola or lift.

  • Silhouette at Dawn

    On the summit we pitch a tent especially for you. There you brew a pot of coffee freshly ground using a hand mill produced under the supervision of Japan’s best barista.

  • Your Own Personal Ski Specialist

    Dedicated butler will be with you throughout your stay to ensure the Supreme Run.

  • Live the Moment while we Capture the Moment

    A cameraman with specialized gear will accompany you and capture your run. Afterwards we will give you the data so that you can share it with your friends.

  • Get a Perfect Night’s Sleep to Prepare for your Perfect Run

    A luxury Nishikawa Air mattress will give you a perfect sleep to ensure you’re in perfect condition for your run the next morning.


A Blissful Evening.
A Luxurious Sleep.

Enjoy a special full-course meal
and a good night’s rest on one
of the best mattresses
in Japan in preparation
for your dream run.


A Feast
Fit for a Champion

Special course meals are served in a
space reserved just for you.


Yakebi Suite

Prepare yourself with a good night’s rest
on a special mattress in this exceptional suite. Are you ready for your run?



¥500,000(incl. tax) per party

*Only 1 pair per day (Min. 1 person, Max. 2 persons)

* Cancellation Fees
Up to 3 days before the date of the reservation: 30%
Up to 2 days before the date of the reservation: 50%
The day before the date of the reservation: 80%
The day of the reservation or for no-shows: 100%

* Activities and services are subject to weather conditions.
Your safety and comfort are our top priority.

  • DAY 1

    2:00P.M. Arrival
    2:30P.M. Check-in in the room where will stay

    Enjoy a special course meal in a private room

  • DAY 2

    5:30A.M. Go to the summit in a snowcat
    6:00A.M. Wait for sunrise while enjoying coffee
    7:00A.M. Time to the Supreme Run
    3:00P.M. Check-out

January 2024 to March 2024

* Subject to snow and weather conditions, etc.

  1. Please call to check availability.

    * Bookings must be made 10 days in advance.

  2. Your reservation will be completed when you sign the terms and conditions.

  3. Once the reservation is completed,
    our chief chef will contact you regarding meal arrangement,
    including clarification of any food allergies.