What is MICE

Business challenges that becoming are
increasingly complex and difficult.
MICE, a new method to overcome those

MICE is a generic term for various business events by
combining the initials of Meeting, Incentive,
Convention/Conference, and Exhibition/Event. Efforts to
create a venue for people to interact and solve business
problems are being made based on the above 4 themes.

Why organize MICE in a resort?

Why organize MICE in a resort?

Interacting with people in a new and relaxing environment away from
daily office atmosphere will make MICE's achievements more
significant. MICE at Resort, surrounded by lush, verdant grounds, will
enhance oneʼs vision and creativity, leading to more productive
meetings. Sports experiences such as golf and tennis will further
enhance the pleasure of sharing a good time with colleagues.

Resort MICE in Gorgeous Karuizawa

Resort MICE in
Gorgeous Karuizawa

MICE activities in Karuizawa at an altitude of 1,000m, will activate the
participantsʼ minds and get them more motivated. By taking a deep
breath in a lush natural landscape, new ideas will be born, leading to
a success in various business situations.

The Merits of Prince Resort MICE Karuizawa

MICE All In One

【MICE All In One】

Various venues and accommodation facilities that
can be used by a small group to a maximum of
2,000 people are located in one area, therefore
events that require overnight accommodations can
be organized smoothly. In addition, by using our
extensive site, it is possible to arrange
indoor/outdoor MICE events with various scales
according to the customers' needs.

MICE One Stop

【MICE One Stop】

A dedicated planner will organize and suggest a
MICE plan based on the customerʼs needs, and we
will fully support the event from the preparation to
the actual event under thorough discussions. With
our experience and know-how in holding
international conferences, we fully support your
events from the hard and soft sides, so although
you are new in organizing such events, rest assure
that you can leave it to us.

MICE One Mind

【MICE One Mind】

It is possible to arrange team building events such
as trekking and golf competition. Guests can also
use the surrounding facilities, and participate in
curling program or bowling. Through sports
experience, the team's mind can be unified and the
cohesiveness can be strengthened.

【MICE Plus One】

With four hotels as a base, customers can enjoy various
activities throughout the year such as shopping, golf,
skiing, and hot springs at Prince Grand Resort
Karuizawa. In our premises and the surrounding
facilities, customers can enjoy post-convention
activities and host a social gathering with the client at
our golf course clubhouse, for example.

Proposition to Meet Various Needs



A resort meeting where new ideas are born at a
plateau with an altitude of 1,000 m. It can be held
in various styles and scales, purpose-wise. A
variety of meeting plans and team building
programs that combine the use of meeting venue,
accommodation, meals, etc., are also available.



At galleries with various sizes, festive incentive
events can be held. Customers can enjoy fulfilling
activities such as shopping, skiing, or golf before
and after the awards ceremony and parties.



With our experience and know-how in holding
international conferences, we fully support your
events from the hard and soft sides. Our facility is
able to hold conferences and exhibitions
simultaneously at venues with various sizes
according to the purpose of your event. In
addition, there are abundant accommodation
facilities on the premises, enabling the participants
of your event to proceed smoothly from the
meeting venue to the accommodation.



By using varied venues and extensive grounds, it is
possible to hold a variety of big-scale events that
can only be organized in a resort. In addition to
indoor events such as new car presentation or new
product launch party, outdoor events such as golf
competition, tennis tournament, or ski competition
can also be organized.

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