Arisugawa Shimizu
- traditional Japanese restaurant -

Arisugawa Shimizu is in a secluded,quiet spot
in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, where Japanese traditions live on.

Time passes slowly in this place,
surrounded by a garden blessed with seasonal beauty.
Enjoy an elegant, fine-quality space blending
traditional Japanese beauty with modern sensibilities.

In this refined space, based on the tasteful culture of
traditional Japanese restaurants,
you can savor Japanese beauty, flavors, and hospitality.


Arisugawa Shimizu serves kaiseki cuisine skillfully incorporating
seasonal delicacies. Enjoy carefully prepared flavors on fine dishware.

《Daytime kaiseki

Arisugawa Kaiseki ¥19,800 / Shoro Kaiseki ¥24,200

For five or more guests.

《Nighttime kaiseki

Kaiseki from ¥38,500

For two or more guests.



Capacity: 10 – 20 persons (57.0㎡)

This space is designed with a clear stream around the room.
The ceiling gives the atmosphere of a pleasure boat.


Capacity: 6 – 10 persons (26.4㎡)

Gourd shapes are used on the alcove walls and vessels for serving drinks.
The wickerwork ceiling and lighting with auspicious patterns create a charming look.


Capacity: 5 – 8 persons (26.4㎡)

The room is named “ariake” (meaning “dawn”) because it has a veranda for viewing the moon.
Use this room to welcome important guests or for business meetings.


Capacity: 2 – 4 persons (13.0㎡)

This room evokes the poem “Tagasode” in the Kokinshu collection.
The garden has a teahouse with a tranquil atmosphere.
●Available during night time.


Capacity: 30 – 90 persons (165.0㎡)

This shoin-style banquet hall has a serene atmosphere.
The stage (roughly 36.4㎡) is perfect for traditional events, receptions, exhibitions, etc.

Room Types

●Room charges apply during daytime
*Please note that room charges apply also at nighttime for guests using "Matsunoma"
●Daytime reservations are accepted from 5 people.


Arisugawa Shimizu is a secluded restaurant with
a quiet atmosphere in the heart of the city.
Our sophisticated Wedding portray the essence of
Japanese spirit in our elegant spaces with a traditional garden
featuring brilliant colors in each season.


Reservations are taken up to five days in advance by telephone.
Please inquire about reservation times.

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa
Restaurant Reservations

TEL: 03-3447-1139

(9:30 A.M. – 8:00 P.M. /
Saturday・holidays 9:30 A.M. – 7:30 P.M.)


3-5-40 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3473-1111

8 minutes by foot from Hiro-o Station (Hibiya Line).
14 minutes by foot from Azabu-juban Station (Namboku Line).
10 minutes by car from Ebisu Station (JR Yamanote Line).
2 minutes from the Tengenji Ramp (Metropolitan Expressway).

[By car]

■ From Shinagawa
Take Sakurada Street (National Route 1) towards Shirokanetakanawa. Go straight through the Shirokane Ichome Intersection and turn left at the Furukawa Bridge.
Take Meiji Street towards Ebisu. Go through Shinohashi and turn right at Shinzaka from the right-turn lane right before Korinji. Go straight up the hill.
Arisugawa Shimizu is next to the Finland embassy.

■ From Ebisu
Take Meiji Street towards Tengenji. Go straight through the Tengenji Bridge Intersection. Approximately 20 meters past the Korinji Intersection (second from Tengenji Bridge), turn left at Shinzaka. Go straight up the hill. Arisugawa Shimizu is next to the Finland embassy.

* When using a car navigation system, please set your destination to “Finland embassy.”

※ Price includes consumption tax. A separate service charge (18%) will be added at settlement.
※ Please be advised that occasionally menu items change based on market availability.
※ If you are allergic to the following seven ingredients(shrimp,crab,wheat,soba,egg,milk,peanuts),please inform our staff beforehand.
※ Images are for illustrative purposes only.