A favorite, with fantastic performances!

The magnificent performances of the dolphins will enthrall you. Be sure to see all of the dolphins' twenty different techniques. This is the only aquarium in the world displaying dwarf sawfish and, for the first time in Honshu, you can watch a school of twenty flapnose rays swimming together.


Be the hero in a masterpiece animation!

Galaxy Express 999 is a roller coaster running inside the building with scenes from the masterpiece animation of the same name by Leiji Matsumoto. The roller coaster runs in every direction in a mysterious space just like in movies and animations. Enjoy the virtual experience of a journey similar to Tetsuro's trips on this ride.


With the latest sound and lighting facilities

This large concert hall capable of accommodating 1,884 people standing was named "Stellar Ball" by the famous musician Yuming (Yumi Matsutoya), meaning that the hall is filled with the glitter of lots of stars and new stars. Many stars show off their talents on the stage.


Enjoy superb meals in a mysterious marine atmosphere

At Aqua Dining Tropics, enjoy eating the restaurant's unique meals in view of twelve tanks of vividly colored, beautiful tropical fish. Exactly like a restaurant in the sea. A limited number of course meals, worthy of a hotel restaurant, are prepared.


If you bring in an admission ticket or score sheet from Aqua Stadium, Shinagawa Prince Theater, Bowling Center,another one of those places, you can get a discount. (Same day only)

Aqua Stadium
Half off aquarium admission
Shinagawa Prince Cinema

¥200 off

Bowling Center

2nd game free

※These discounts are available to the general public only. Please understand that reservations made by travel agencies fall outside of the scope of these discounts.

Aqua Stadium Mail members wanted!

Send a blank e-mail to this QR code or aquastadium@lin.ac! We'll send you information on how to save at Aqua Stadium and cute wallpaper of Aqua Stadium animals!

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